Were you aware only twenty true species of hornets actually exist? The only real specie of a true hornet within the U.S. is the European hornet (Vespa crabro). As its title suggests, the European hornet is an introduced species that arrived in the U.S. from Europe and adjusted to several parts of the Country. You can actually recognize the European hornet by observing the coloration and length; brown and yellow, one and a half inches long.

An additional common pest you have very likely come across, the ‘baldfaced’ hornet, is not actually a true hornet. The baldfaced hornet is roughly an inch long and it is colored black and white. Both hornets described at this time share behavior very similar to that of a yellow jacket. Size is probably the most effortlessly regarded distinction since yellow jackets are smaller compared to hornets.

Baldfaced hornets make aerial nests, round in form, about the size of a football or basketball and usually constructed in trees. If you should notice a nest within a hollow tree, inside of a wall, crawl space or around the deck, it’s most likely a European hornet nest. Hornet nests are made of paper-like matter created by the hornets mixing their spit with wood material they collect. It’s not uncommon to see hornets accumulating wood material from an unpainted building, wood fence, or even an old log.

Even though hornets are recognized for their ability to cause an agonizing sting, they can indeed be very helpful predators that assist to stop a variety of bugs that may otherwise develop into unwanted pests. Even so, hornets really are social insects, so they will assertively protect their nest from trespassers. European hornets are usually less assertive than yellow jackets and they are proud of sheltering their nest and will take serious actions when necessary to prevent any kind of real danger they may predict.

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