You can find specific kinds of millipedes that are usually evident in Gardena, CA but will be brown colored and two and a half to four centimeters in total length. The millipedes feature two pair of legs for every section (they have two).

Millipedes deposit their offspring in dirt, their preferred habitat, and the majority of millipede species will be fully full-grown within their second year, living many years after adulthood.

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Gardena Millipedes

It’s not at all odd to discover a millipede both inside and outside your residence. Inside they normally frequent humid places and outside they are present in home gardens and flowerbeds. You are going to notice millipedes outside of your home if there is mulch or plants around the outer walls. If the soil is damp they are going to enjoy that area. Millipedes chow down on decaying particles of wood that they come upon and decayed leaves.

Gardena Millipedes

Millipedes begin migrating during the fall, coming from the environment they’ve appreciated the last few months. While researchers suspect the millipedes are preparing for the winter months, migrating millipedes have actually been seen when their home becomes flooded by hefty rains. During this time it is really not odd to observe them inside of your house.

Gardena Millipede Prevention

Should a millipede find the home, they may very likely first take residence on the outdoor patio or porch. It really is a shame they don’t simply stay there. They might simply climb up the home, trying to find a way in the house; usually an undetected crack or crevice, or any other gap the property owner is unaware of. That said, you need to examine the the seals on your windows and doors, doors on your garage, vents, crawl space entry and cellar entrances. In case you have an area dedicated to storage that consists of bins as well as other items, they may easily hide out under items should they enter the room.

Gardena Millipede Tips For Prevention

  • Dispose of any excessive mulch. You will need to make certain a gap of at least 6 inches between any foundation level flowerbeds against the residence. You might have to clear up leaves, mulch and grass to make this happen.
  • Assess all the screens in your property. Along with your property’s window screens, always make sure that vent and crawl space screens are in excellent condition without any holes or damages that might grant unwanted pest access.
  • All entrance doors should shut and seal up completely, eradicating any excess space for unwanted pests to enter in through, as they definitely can.
  • Ensure that the doors and windows have weather stripping that’s intact and free from damage. If you notice weather stripping absent or any deterioration, it will need to be fixed.
  • Basement entrances should also have weather strip protection; if you’re able to see a light glowing from below the exterior door, the weather strip protection should be repaired.

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